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Spam Blockers have become an essential tool for everyday internet use. Without a Spam Blocker you lose hours dealing with junk mail and spam. A Good Spam Blocker will give you your time back.

Disturbing Spam Blocker Facts: -

  • Over 80% of email is spam!!!
  • Spam exceeded normal email in July 2003
  • 80% of children online report having received inappropriate unsolicited "spam" email on a daily basis
  • 95% of all viruses are received as unsolicitied email or "Spam"
  • Over 4 billion unsolicited commercial instant messages (SPIMs) will be sent in 2004 (Ferris Research; March 6, 2004)
  • It is estimated that the "love bug" virus cost the US economy over $8.5 billion!!
  • By 2005, the average internet user will receive over 1,500 pieces of spam

Are you fed up with spending more time deleting spam email than reading legitimate email?

Do your children have access to email?

Then it's time to do something about it!

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Spam can be blocked or filtered in a number of ways, this site is here to help you choose the best spam blocker for your needs.

We explain what spam is and how the different types of spam blockers, filters, killers and stoppers, as well as giving you some classic examples of spam. We also have a description of how spam works so that you can understand how spam blockers work, as well why people become spammers.

We've tried to make sure this site is a comprehensive source of information for free spam blockers and we hope you have found the spam related information useful.

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